berserk boss 7.jpg

The official Berserk website has been updated with a ton of new screenshots from the PlayStation 4 version of the release, showcasing the game's newly confirmed playable character and a bunch of boss enemies that you'll have to bring down over the course of the title's story.

Starting off with the aforementioned newcomer, demonic mercenary boss Wyald has joined the playable roster. Much like Zodd, Wyald has access to a true demon form, allowing him to balloon in size for maximum destruction.

As for boss enemies, we get a look at the likes of Adon, Silat, Grunbeld, and Femto. All of them appear to be as intimidating as you'd expect, although we're not really sure how a boss fight against the likes of Femto is going to play out. Likewise, it's unclear whether all of these boss characters will be playable - we'll just have to wait and see.

Berserk is supposedly still on track to release this year here in the West, but are you excited for it? Show no fear in the comments section below.

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