Gravity Rush 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Sony's starting to reveal a little more about the plot and cast of Gravity Rush 2, with a new PlayStation Blog post detailing how feisty protagonist Kat and her comrade Syd will be whisked away to the mining settlement of Banga as part of the upcoming game. It's here that the twosome will happen upon the floating shanty's leader Lisa and her adopted daughter Cecie, who attempts to run away.

It sounds like this portion of the campaign will see Kat stripped of her powers, as Dusty's nowhere to be seen. It could represent a different change of pace for the campaign, then, as the blonde bombshell works to earn her keep among shady merchants and thick-skinned miners. The same structure of the original game will be maintained, with story missions accompanied by challenge missions.

You can get a good look at all of the new arrivals over on the PlayStation Blog. This one's due out from 2nd December, but are you looking forward to it turning your life upside down? Rush us in the comments section below.