It was only a matter of time before Rocket League's herculean impact extended to other games, with Overwatch seemingly the first to "borrow" from Psyonix's sporting smash. Nintendo fans will probably expect mention of Blast Ball from Metroid Prime Federation Force, but seeing as that's not technically out for another couple of weeks, our introduction rings true.

Nevertheless, the new Lucioball – which is playable through the duration of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games – is a three-on-three multiplayer mode that sees you assume the role of the roller-skating wall-runner in a new Rio de Janeiro-themed arena, attempting to blast a ball into the opposing team's goal. Sound familiar? Well, that's because it should.

Overwatch PS4 PlayStation 4 Lucioball Rio 2016 Olympic Games 2

Unfortunately, the on-foot action doesn't really provide the fluidity that an experience like this needs, and ends up feeling slow and turgid as a consequence – even when you Amp It Up. The controls have been changed slightly to put Lucio's melee attack on the primary fire button – for dribbling, passing, or shooting, of course – while his secondary emits a more powerful sound blast.

There are jump pads littered around the arena which attempt to recreate the acrobatic feel of Rocket League, but the first-person viewpoint means that you can't lock the camera to the ball, which makes it difficult to track – especially when you're in the air. To be fair, though, the physics seem fine – and it's super fun punching the ball when you manage to catch it on your descent.

Overwatch PS4 PlayStation 4 Lucioball Rio 2016 Olympic Games 3

The special Brawl has been accompanied by a new batch of Loot Boxes, which have been designed with a Summer Games theme. You can unlock these in-game or purchase them from the PlayStation Store, and each promises one limited edition Olympics item. The new outfits for Tracer, Lucio, and Zarya are neat, but it's a shame that luck is the primary way to obtain them.

All in all, though, this is a nice tease of what the future for Overwatch holds. We anticipate there'll be many more special events in the future, spanning Hallowe'en through Christmas and everything in between. And with the bulk of the content being available for free, we're looking forward to seeing what the developer's got in store.

What do you think of Lucioball? Are you loving Overwatch's big Summer Games update? Stand for the national anthem in the comments section below.