The Tomorrow Children PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Do you remember The Tomorrow Children? Yeah, we barely do either – we played the alpha eons ago, but then it never seemed to want to come out. Fortunately, the soviet-inspired sim appears to be right around the corner, as it will begin its complicated rollout from 6th September. However, that's not the end of the story: the game will be going free-to-play in the future.

So, what does that mean for people who buy in right away? Well, the Founders Pack which will launch on the aforementioned date will effectively secure you early access for $19.99, and you'll get a host of goodies to boot. We've included the full list of contents below, but one interesting feature is that you'll be able to invite five friends to play the free version right away.

There will be microtransactions in the form of Freeman Dollars, which will allow you to purchase goods from the in-game Black Market – but you'll get a portion of these as part of the Founders Pack. Once the free-to-play version deploys officially, the Frontier Bundle will replace it, which will include a different set of to be announced content. Are you keeping up?

So a change of business model for this game, then, but the same resource collecting gameplay loop appears to be very much intact. Are you still looking forward to this one, or has your interest waned over the years? Bat aside a great big dinosaur in the comments section, and then go digging for gold.

Founders Pack Contents

  • Bourgeoisie papers — This is your first step to becoming a resident of The Void. By earning the "rezidenty" status, player's will have the privilege to participate in creating structures and items to build your town, access to new tools, and the ability to build your very own house within the town. Also includes five F2P invitations to send to friends.
  • Lv1 Arms License — Unlocks access to higher-tier weapons at the weapons dealer in town (purchase items with in-game currency earned by completing various labor tasks).
  • Lv1 Tools License — Unlocks access to higher tier tools at the tool dealer in town (purchase items with in-game currency earned by completing various labor tasks).
  • Eagle Corp. Jetpack — This high-end Black Market paid item will take you to new heights, allowing you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas on tops of "islands" to mine resources and find hidden items.
  • Special costume — "Miner Gear" costume to customize your in-game "projection clone" character.
  • Exclusive PSN avatar pack — This is a pack containing three exclusive PSN avatars limited to the Founders Pack.
  • 1000 Freeman Dollars — Currency that can be used at the black market to purchase a variety of high-powered weapons, tools, and more, and can also be used as bribes to government officials for quick personal benefit. (This is separate from the in-game credits collected from the town's City Hall after completing various labor tasks, which are used at the normal vendors in town.)
  • Bourgeoisie Paper holders will also receive five invitations to send to their friends, granting them access to the F2P game client before full public release. Invited comrades can enjoy the F2P game for free, and upgrade their experience with the Founders Pack if they choose.