Bandai Namco has gone on record that it's trying to create a cinematic and engaging story mode for Tekken 7. The highly anticipated fighter, which launches on PlayStation 4 early next year, has looked stellar for months now as we've guzzled down gameplay taken from the title's arcade incarnation, but will its aforementioned story mode live up to the rest of the release? Going by these fresh details, it may be possible.

The Japanese publisher states that the mode is "several hours long" and includes unlockable side stories. Once again, the plot will focus on the Mishima Zaibatsu, with head honcho Heihachi and vengeful son Kazuya taking centre stage. And, as you can see from the screenshots that we've embedded, the story looks to cover quite a lot of ground, as we can see a very youthful Kazuya taking on his father at the Dragon's Nest.

Newcomer Claudio will also play a role in one of the narrative's arcs. He's actually an exorcist that belongs to a group called the Archers of Sirius - a clan that's been "banishing supernatural entities from the world since ancient times". We assume that he'll be going after the devil gene, then.

Are you looking forward to Tekken 7's story mode? Do you think it'll be a fun ride, or do you think that story modes in fighting games rarely stand out? Throw your son off a cliff and into the comments section below.