Rez Infinite PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Rez is a favourite of ours on the Dreamcast and the PlayStation 2, but as producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi has pointed out in his latest PlayStation Blog post, it can be hard to find. The developer hopes to resolve this on 13th October, by teaming up with I Am 8 Bit to create a limited edition, boxed version of the game.

Now it's worth stressing that this won't be available in your local GameStop; it'll instead be available exclusively from I Am 8 Bit's online store, with pre-orders opening from 17:00PM BST (09:00AM PDT) tomorrow, 19th August. Don't worry if you miss out, of course – there will be an unlimited number of copies available from the PlayStation Store.


The physical goodies don't end there, however: I Am 8 Bit's also putting together a vinyl set, which will come with two LPs featuring music from the main game, as well as a bonus 7-inch record boasting tracks from Infinite's new Area X environment. And that's not all: you'll get a retrospective art book just to sweeten the deal, with interviews and glossy images.

And if your Rez lust still isn't sated, I Am 8 Bit will also be carrying a couple of shirts and enamel pins. To summarise: if you're a Rez fan, you're about to spend a lot of money. You can find the full collection with pricing information through here. Tempted? Target the comments section below and let us know.