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Bungie has confirmed that private matches are heading to Destiny alongside Rise of Iron, the title's upcoming expansion. In other words, you'll be able to enjoy the shooter's Crucible modes without jumping online with strangers. Going by what the developer's said during its Gamescom livestream, you'll have full reign over how matches come together. You can tweak things like game types, available maps, score limits, time limits, light level caps, and whether vehicles appear or not.

As for what you can actually gain from private matches, the official blog states that only rare (blue) rewards can be dropped, but your actions will actually count towards daily bounty and test weapon progress. However, you won't be able to progress quests, weekly bounties, and all that record book stuff. And when it comes to Crucible reputation, you'll gain a flat 30 reputation upon the completion of each private match. Not too bad, eh?

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