This is thriller – or something! Call of Duty's zombies mode has been bonkers for a while now, but Infinite Warfare's newly announced Zombies in Spaceland may just be the series' zaniest co-op option yet. The eighties-inspired outing will see you donning some DayGlo and dirty dancing with the undead, as you work your way through an amusement park packed with rides, games, and corpses.

"Zombies in Spaceland tells the story of four aspiring actors who come upon a mysterious movie theatre for an audition," the PlayStation Blog post reads. "They've been invited by director Willard Wyler, portrayed with voice and likeness by Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Gotham), who was once the shining star of the horror genre."

Essentially, you'll be thrust straight onto set, where you'll face off against the undead as one of four grindhouse stars: the jock, the nerd, the valley girl, or the rapper. Confirming yet again that Activision has way too much money, the pub's signed household names Seth Green, Ike Barinholtz, Jay Pharoah, and Sasheer Zamata to voice the cast. David Hasselhoff will also cameo as the Spaceland DJ.

There'll be a stream tomorrow which promises to reveal more about the mode. Until then, though, it's worth noting that pre-orders will net you the Zombies in Spaceland pack, which includes bonus content out of the box, including a unique zombies weapon camo and reticule, an animated zombies playercard, and a Fate & Fortune card pack. Plus, you'll get the re-designed Terminal map, too.