final fantasy xv the money.jpg

Not even your most beloved franchises are safe from the season pass it would seem. The Digital Premium Edition of Final Fantasy XV, which is available to pre-order on the North American PlayStation Store for $84.99, comes with the aforementioned pass, while regular digital pre-orders can be upgraded to include it.

So, what does the season pass get you? The short and somewhat disheartening answer is that we don't know. Square Enix is yet to reveal any concrete details when it comes to post-release downloadable content, so it could be anything. As such, we'd advise you lot to sit tight until the publisher actually gets its act together - why pay extra for something that you know nothing about? That's the current video game industry, folks.

What would you like to see from Final Fantasy XV's DLC? New quests? New locations? New haircuts? Use your imagination in the comments section below.