Final Fantasy XV 15 Delay PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Remember when Square Enix put on a massive press conference to announce the release date for Final Fantasy XV? The surprisingly solid show ended with a comical red buzzer, which when pressed cycled through a dozen different potential release dates. It teetered on November for a nanosecond, before settling on 30th September. The embarrassing thing is, the sequel's almost certainly been delayed.

We brought you news yesterday of a website reporting that the release had been pushed back to 29th November, and since then Gematsu has stuck its neck out and supported the rumour. Now, though, documentation has leaked instructing stores to apply a sticker to the title's display stand – and that label's designed to replace the release date. It's happening, folks: the publisher's said nothing, but Final Fantasy XV is delayed. Again.

If you're still sceptical, the exact same display printed on the paperwork can be seen in this assembly video. While it's only a couple of months, this is obviously a huge disappointment for fans who have been waiting a decade to play the title formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Then again, it looked like a right stinker at E3 2016 earlier in the year, so maybe the extra couple of months will enable the developer to apply one last layer of polish.

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