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Bethesda's reportedly fixed a bunch of issues with Fallout 4's Vault-Tec Workshop add-on, but this isn't your usual PlayStation 4 download. Much like when the developer smoothed out Far Harbor's poor frame rate, you'll have to follow the steps that the studio has outlined in order to apply the update.

  • Confirm Fallout 4 is not running. Highlight Fallout 4 in your PS4 dashboard, press OPTIONS, and select CLOSE APPLICATION to ensure Fallout 4 is not running minimized.
  • Select RELATED ITEMS. You'll find this under the Fallout 4 icon in the PS4 dashboard.
  • Select MY ADD-ONS.
  • Navigate to the DOWNLOAD ARROW next to Vault-Tec Workshop and select it.
  • You should see a notice that Vault-Tec Workshop has been Added to Downloads.
  • Wait for the downloadable content to finish downloading and installing before starting Fallout 4.

As for what bugs the patch actually fixes, you can peruse all the details through here. Have you had any issues with Vault-Tec Workshop? Head on underground in the comments section below.

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