Buzz! PS3 PlayStation 3 Quiz World 1

In the days before the Nintendo Wii, it was actually Sony that ruled the casual games space – especially in Europe, with franchises like Singstar, EyeToy Play, and… Yes, Buzz!. For those of you who don't remember it – the series only seemed to be popular in the Old World – it was essentially a multiplayer quiz title, where you controlled the action using game show-esque buzzers. It was honestly quite fun.

But while it proved immensely popular on the PlayStation 2, it struggled during the transition to the PlayStation 3, and before long, the platform holder cut ties with Brighton-based developer Relentless Software. It splintered off and went indie, creating digital releases like the Blue Toad Murder Files for the PS3, but now it's no more.

According to Games, the studio officially closed its doors yesterday, with all staff members being made redundant. Our thoughts, of course, go out to all of those who have lost their jobs.