The summer months are melting away faster than our internal organs in the current UK heatwave, and that means that it's already time to start thinking about August's free PlayStation Plus games. July saw the addition of new release Furi and comical classic Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell on the PlayStation 4, capping a decent spell for Instant Game Collection updates. But what do you want next?

New releases on 2nd August – which is when we expect the free games to deploy – include ABZÛ, but that title's place in the latest PlayStation Store PLAY promotion makes it an unlikely selection. Sony will probably dip into its archives, then, and with so many still soliciting launch titles like Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall, surely they'll get the nod soon.

But what are you hoping for? Do you want some brand new indies – or do you want the platform holder to select some older titles from its library? Is it time for the manufacturer to ditch the PlayStation 3 and Vita after some pretty uninspiring additions over the last six months? You know the drill – be kind and respectful in the comments section below.