Still time for a few more of these

The one problem with WAYP is that it comes around too quickly. Your humble host took a glance at the calendar this morning and realised that it's already almost August – we'll be going Christmas shopping in the blink of an eye. Anyway, you know the drill – here's what we're playing this weekend.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I've signed up to the Galactic Rangers and started playing Ratchet & Clank on the PlayStation 4. I knew this game was going to be good after previewing it last year, but it's actually surpassed my expectations.

Alex Stinton, Reviewer

As with last weekend, it's going to be handheld gaming only, and once again, there's not a single Sony platform in sight. Despite an embarrassment of riches on my 3DS, I seem to have fallen into a Yo-Kai Watch sized hole – even though I don't like its battle system at all. In fact, I've been seeking out the mischievous Yo-Kai so much, I haven't even started to play the new Monster Hunter.

Graham Banas, Reviewer

I'm shelving my playthrough of Persona 4 Golden for a couple of weeks as I get a couple of other games on my list finished up. The new DOOM is a phenomenal game, and I'm having a blast with that. And August isn't going to make things any easier with possibly the greatest month of indie's ever between Abzu, No Man's Sky, and Bound.

Jacob Hull, Reviewer

The PlayStation summer sale led me to both Project CARS and The Walking Dead: Michonne, so alongside The Witcher 3 DLC, I've got plenty to play this weekend.

Joey Thurmond, Reviewer

It's Mirror's Edge Catalyst for me, as I strive to run through it all. I'll also be playing Overwatch per usual, so if anyone wants to play a few rounds sometime, hit me up on PSN. Lastly, I might see if I can finish up Firewatch since I'm over halfway through it. I'm loving the writing and art style!

Ken Talbot, Reviewer

I'm continuing my journey through… Journey – a first-time playthrough of a truly captivating game. I'm also starting another run of Tomb Raider 2013 in prep for Rise finally hitting the PS4, then lamenting the fact that I'll own both games on three different platforms for some inexplicable reason.

Marcello Apostolico, Reviewer

After starting an exciting new chapter in life, I'm finally settling in and set to catch up a bit on some gaming this weekend. I'm kicking it off with some Resident Evil 5 on PS4 (despite already putting in 120+ hours in the PS3 version). Then I'll be testing more survival skills in Lost Sea (was able to buy the rare Limited Run physical copy), and running the city in Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

Matt Adcock, Reviewer

I'm finally catching up on the excellent Telltale Game of Thrones series, which is a must for GoT fans as it really adds to the whole plot. I'll also need a revenge match of the excellent Videoball against my eldest son, too, who I am so far yet to beat!

Sam Brooke, Reviewer

Since I 100%ed Headlander already, I'm focusing my energies on The Witcher 3 this weekend, while also throwing in a bit of Rocket League and GTA Online with some friends.

Stephen Tailby, Reviewer

I've been rabbiting on about No Man's Sky so much that, frankly, even I'm tired of it. I'm still super excited to play, though – I just need to distract myself. Thankfully, I'm reviewing Overcooked, a culinary co-op curio, which you can read about on Monday. Oh, and there's also the excellent-looking Hyper Light Drifter waiting in the wings.

Phew, a big week with lots of responses – let's make it a big comments section, too. What are you playing this weekend? Let us know down below.