System Shock PS4 PlayStation 4 1

You may have read elsewhere that a System Shock remake is in the works. The game, in development at Nightdive Studios, took to Kickstarter some three weeks ago – without a PlayStation 4 version on the cards. It's since accrued over $1 million in crowd funding and has passed its target, but many refused to fund it until a version for Sony's new-gen system was announced.

Fortunately, the platform holder has been working with the developer behind-the-scenes, and it's now confirmed that the game will be coming to the PS4 in Q1 2018. More to the point, it isn't asking for more money to get the port done – though donations are still, of course, kindly appreciated by the company. That bit goes without saying, doesn't it?

There's some pre-alpha footage of the new version below. For those who aren't familiar with the original, System Shock was a Warren Spector joint, and had you assume the role of an unnamed hacker working to take down an evil AI named SHODAN. In many ways it served as the precursor for games like Half-Life, so was a pretty freakin' big deal.

No pressure with the remake, then.