World of Final Fantasy is getting a reasonably robust collector's edition on PlayStation 4. The $119.99 set comes with an art book, the game's soundtrack, the game itself, and cute little figurines of past Final Fantasy protagonists Cloud, Squall, and Lightning. Also included is a slew of bonus in-game content, including a Sephiroth summon, a few allied monsters and... Japanese voice-overs? Eh?

That's right, according to the official Square Enix online store - the only place where you can pre-order the collector's edition - the Japanese voice track comes as a part of all three special edition packages: the Collector's Edition, the Day One Edition, and the Limited Edition. Stated at the bottom of each product listing alongside the rest of the bonus content: "Japanese VO DLC: play the game with the Japanese voice-over".

The inclusion of the Japanese voice track as premium DLC seems a little sketchy to us. While past Final Fantasy titles have rarely - if ever - provided the option to play with Japanese voices here in the West, we can't think of a good reason as to why this can't just be a simple in-game choice. Well, other than it being a potentially effective way to coax people into pre-ordering the release. Hmmmm.

So what do you make of this? Is it something of a shady move by Square Enix, or do Japanese voice-overs make for suitable bonus DLC? Don't stay silent in the comments section below.

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