Shenmue III 3 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Yu Suzuki's name will forever be tied to Shenmue – it was his magnum opus, after all. But as is the case with so many projects, he had a team around him to realise his vision, and one such person was Keiji Okayasu. He served as a sub-director on the SEGA Dreamcast original, and also contributed to its sequel massively. And now he's back to work with Ys Net on Shenmue III for the PlayStation 4.

The game, which was Kickstarted last year and is currently in development, is still a long way away from release, but in the video embedded below, Okayasu-san outlines what he hopes to achieve with the new game. "I want to help finish it, and do it so that the fans will be satisfied," he says. "That means making it interesting for everyone who played Shenmue I and II, and everyone who will be experiencing Shenmue for the first time."

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