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Oh right, we'd forgotten about this. Those of you with really long memories will recall Microsoft suddenly changing its policy regarding cross-network play a few months back, putting Sony on the spot by suggesting that it wants Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players to play together. We're sure that the current commercial climate for the two consoles had absolutely nothing to do with that sudden change in tune…

Irrespective, it leaves the PlayStation maker with a decision to make: Rocket League is apparently ready to roll out ground-breaking cross-network play right now. According to Psyonix's vice president Jeremy Dunham, the feature can be implemented within one working day if Sony gives it its blessing. Of course, there's a lot for the platform holder to mull over first.

"Sony's such a big company that I'm sure it takes a while for them to figure out what it is that the roadblocks are, what sort of issues they might run into with other titles, any number of things that I can't even begin to speculate on," Dunham told IGN. "We definitely ask them for updates often, and we're still very confident that they're eventually going to open those doors and welcome us in, but we also are really understanding that it's going to take a while especially given all the ramifications of everything. It was just as much of a surprise to them as I think the rest of the world when Microsoft said that they would do it."

Cross-platform play between PlayStation and PC has been fairly commonplace on Sony systems since online gaming itself became popular, so the platform holder's never been opposed to the idea. Of course, what is being proposed here would represent a shift for the industry as a whole: the idea that players on competing console platforms would be able to play together.

Honestly, we think Sony's arm is being twisted pretty publicly here. As the market leader, there's no real incentive for it to support this, but if it wants to maintain its stance of putting players first and being open to cross-platform play, then it only has one option really.