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Not got a pre-order for PlayStation VR? You're probably going to struggle to secure one on launch day. Sony hinted at E3 2016 that stocks of the futuristic facemask may be light, and it's since told IGN that all pre-orders have been exhausted. This means that the platform holder will not be making any more units available ahead of launch.

According to a GameStop representative, the store sold out of its allocation of launch units within minutes of them being available. We're sure that a few stray sets will make their way onto store shelves at release, but you're probably going to want to get yourself on some kind of waiting list if you're hoping to get your hands on the headset before Christmas.

Of course, none of this is evidence that PlayStation VR is going to be a success – we don't know how many units the platform holder plans to manufacture for launch, after all. The early adopters will be crucial, however, as many people will have their first virtual reality experience with friends and family, so the Japanese giant will need to ensure that there's a steady stream of stock coming into stores beyond launch in case the word of mouth snowballs.

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