Ana Overwatch PS4 PlayStation 4 1

There's been a lot of speculation and teasing about who would be the first DLC character to grace Overwatch. While rumours largely pointed to the mysterious Sombra receiving this honour, it seems that the less likely pick has sneaked up on us all. Ana Amari will be joining the ranks of our heroes, who happens to be Pharah's mother and a revered, legendary figure in the Overwatch universe.

A grizzled yet firm fighter, Ana is armed with an experimental sniper rifle that can heal allies or harm foes. She possess two abilities with the first being Biotic Grenade. This heals or damages foes within a certain radius and respectively boosts healing provided by other teammates or prevents enemies from healing their comrades for a short time. The second ability, Sleep Dart, knocks enemies out instantly, even if they're in the middle of performing Ultimate abilities.

Speaking of Ultimates, Ana's has a lot of potential to change the tide of a battle with her Nano Boost. She fires a projectile at a single character that significantly boosts their health, damage output, and movement. We can see this being exceptionally helpful when coordinated with Tanks and low-health characters who want to last longer while using their Ultimates, such as Genji and Soldier 76.

In addition to gameplay showing all of her skills in action, there's a backstory trailer as well that explains her relationship with Pharah, why she "left" the original Overwatch task force, and why she's returning to the battlefield in her old age.

So what do you make of Ana? Do you think her abilities might pose problems with balancing, or do you believe that she'll present a fascinating addition to the smallest class in Overwatch to round it out? Answer the recall in the comments section below to tell us your thoughts on the biggest announcement this game has had since launch.