Ninja Theory, much like Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream, has always been at the forefront of motion capture – but some of the stuff that it's doing with Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is frankly insane. In this video detailing its Siggraph 2016 award-winning real-time cinematography technique, it demonstrates its ability to capture and shoot in-engine cut-scenes as though they're a live-action film.

Allow us to explain: in most games, the performance capture data is recorded, and then imported into the title's engine, where it's edited and cleaned up to create a cut-scene. But in this example, the Cambridge-based developer literally shoots a scene on-the-fly, using video editing-esque software to layer performances on top of each other – all in real-time.

This is truly innovative stuff. Sure, the gear it's using probably tops seven figures, but the real exciting thing here is the ability for the director to see how a scene will look in-game as it's being shot. Really impressive stuff – and as for the title itself, we're really loving the vibe that it's going for. This is one to watch, we reckon.