Headlander PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Double Fine's quite literally lost its mind this time: Headlander, the latest title from Tim Schafer's team, is a game about a disembodied head. Sounds weird, right – until you remember that Rebellion's Neverdead did a similar thing. While that game was full-on grindhouse, however, this headless adventure is spoofing 70s sci-fi hard. Don't believe us? Watch the trailer.

You'll be able to dock your detached dome in a variety of different places, which will help you to advance through the futuristic sci-fi setting, and learn what's happened to organic life. This one's got a charming artstyle, and the prospect of using a jet-pack powered pate during tête-à-têtes is making us laugh our heads off. The out of body experience will begin on 26th July for the PlayStation 4.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]