furi soundtrack.png

Furi's out now on PlayStation 4 and it's free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you've given it a go, then the chances are that you've heard at least some of the game's superb electronic soundtrack, which features artists such as Carpenter Brut, Danger, and The Toxic Avenger.

Granted, the musical style may not be your sort of thing, but as we mentioned in our review - which you can read through here - it suits the title perfectly, and you can listen to it for free right now on Spotify and YouTube. We've embedded the latter playlist below, and if you want to find it on the former, just search "Furi" and the soundtrack should be the first album to pop up.

It's also worth mentioning that with Spotify now on PlayStation 4, you can have Furi's soundtrack playing over your games, if you so desire. Being a game soundtrack to begin with, it's bound to be a good fit for a lot of action titles.

What do you make of Furi's soundtrack? Is it your cup of tea? Drop some sick beats in the comments section below.