fallout 4 vault tec workshop.jpg

As with previous additional content for Fallout 4, the Vault-Tec Workshop was supposed to launch at midnight on PlayStation 4 here in Europe, but that apparently hasn't been the case. It's now the early hours of the morning here in the UK - at the time of writing - and as far as we can tell, there's still no sign of the add-on.

Bethesda's on the case, however. Posting on Twitter, the support account for the company stated "We continue to investigate why Vault-Tec Workshop isn't up yet for EU PS4 users. Thank you for your patience." By the wording of that particular message, it sounds like the fault may lie with Sony on this one.

The developer really isn't having a great deal of luck with the PS4 these days, is it? Anyway, we're off to bed, so here's hoping that the Workshop has hit the PlayStation Store by the time that we wake up. Until then, though, let us know if you stayed awake for this one in the comments section below.

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