Adam Boyes Iron Galaxy CEO

In news that will elate Giant Bomb fans, ex-Sony executive Adam Boyes has joined Iron Galaxy as its CEO, replacing founder Dave Lang, who will continue to have a very active role in the studio's business development. Iron Galaxy, for those who don't know, is perhaps best known for Killer Instinct on the Xbox One and Windows 10 – but it also developed the ill-fated Batman: Arkham Knight PC port, and has worked on dozens of digital releases, like Divekick and the recent Videoball.

"I had a yearning to create things," said Boyes of his decision to leave PlayStation and join Iron Galaxy. Previously, the exec's role at Sony had been to liaise with third-parties and evangelise the PlayStation 4 as a platform. "Making games has always been a passion of mine. Looking at the huge experience that Iron Galaxy has, I thought about how I [could] take my experience and amplify that."

Boyes, it seems, will help forge a new direction for the firm, while Lang and chief product officer Chelsea Blasko will continue to oversee the existing business, while simultaneously supporting Adam's efforts elsewhere. It's going to be interesting to see what Iron Galaxy has got in the pipeline, because we can't imagine that Boyes would leave such a high-level job at Sony without having a rough plan of what he wants to achieve. Until that's publicly revealed, we wish everyone involved the very best.