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With big expansion Rise of Iron out in September, we were betting on Activision releasing a new all-in-one Destiny package, much like it did when The Taken King launched last year, but as it turns out, the publisher may have other plans.

Indeed, Destiny: The Collection has been spotted on Amazon, and it's supposedly coming out next month. There's been no word regarding such a product from Activision or developer Bungie, but if this listing is legitimate, then we'd hazard a guess that it won't be long until it's confirmed by one of them.

As for what The Collection could include, we imagine that it'll bundle the base shooter with all of its expansions. It could come with a download code for Rise of Iron, we suppose, but Amazon's slapped it with your standard £49.99 price tag, so it's tough to say whether it'll sport any quirks.

In any case, is this something that would appeal to you? Are you yet to jump into Destiny? Keep up the grind in the comments section below.

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