Dead Rising PS4 PlayStation 4

Yesterday a Trophy list appeared for a PlayStation 4 version of the original Dead Rising, which all but confirmed the game will be coming to Sony's system in the near future.

Capcom has now confirmed to that this indeed will be happening – but that's not all. In a surprise twist, the publisher also confirmed that sequel Dead Rising 2 and spin-off Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will also be hitting the PS4. What's unclear, however, is whether these will be straight ports of the games or full remasters. Capcom has said that it will share more information soon, so expect this to be one of the first things cleared up.

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Release dates have yet to be mentioned, but we'll most likely see both games release by the end of the year. With Dead Rising 4 being a timed exclusive for one year, this means that you'll eventually be able to play all of the titles in the series on the PS4 – apart from Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3. Perhaps that one will make the jump eventually, too?