diablo 3.jpeg

Bilzzard's an incredibly busy company these days. Not only is it constantly maintaining recent, impressively popular projects such as Hearthstone and Overwatch, but it's also thinking about the future - that's why it's been hiring for something related to Diablo for quite a while now.

Spotted on the developer's jobs page, the newest posting asks for a game director who can "lead the Diablo series into the future". Of course, the big debate is whether Blizzard's working on an expansion to Diablo III or a new game entirely. For our money, the wording of this particular listing suggests that it's a new title, but only time will tell if we're right.

Are you ready for more Diablo? Would you rather have a new game at this point, or do you fancy another expansion first? Hunt down some goblins in the comments section below.

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