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Koei Tecmo's released a load of new PlayStation 4 screenshots of upcoming hack and slasher Berserk, and the good news is that the game's looking rather promising. The images, which we've embedded, show off Guts, Griffith, and Schierke as they take on hordes of foes in typical Warriors fashion. Oh, and there's plenty of blood, too.

From what we understand, the game's story will feature both The Golden Age arc, in which a younger Guts joins up with Griffith and the Band of the Hawk, and the Falcon of the Millennium Empire arc, in which an older Guts travels with a new group of companions. In other words, it should take us close to where the series currently is. In any case, here's hoping that the campaign does the original work justice.

Take a look at the screens for yourself and let us know if you're already swinging your massive sword in the comments section below.

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