Life Is Strange PS4 PlayStation 4 1

For as much as we adore Life Is Strange, the episodic adventure had some hella cringe writing. That said, the title's angst-driven drama makes it a perfect fit for a live-action adaptation – and that's exactly what Square Enix, Dontnod, and Legendary Digital Studios have announced. The latter is no stranger to video game conversions, having worked on a couple of Dead Rising movies.

There's no word just yet on who will star in this series, but the press release seems to indicate that it will be a re-telling of Max Caulfield's story, and not a new tale. The French developer behind the fiction admitted on its Tumblr that it doesn't have any further details to share at this time, so sit tight. Or, if you possess time altering powers, maybe come back from the future and comment on whether it's any good.