Time to clean up

You can always tell it's summer, not because the sun is shining outside, but because WAYP is filled with people playing old games. That's certainly the case this time, as the people of Push Square Towers casually go about busting their backlogs.

Alex Stinton, Reviewer

There's something to be said for returning to a game well after its release, especially when its got more patches than a crew of one eyed pirates. Having not played The Witcher 3 in close to a year, it's a pleasant surprise to see how much the game has come on, and I'm looking forward to getting back to my quest to clear this superb RPG from my backlog.

Graham Banas, Reviewer

I'm really excited for Persona 5. Even though JRPGs usually aren't my cup of tea, I really want 5. In the lead-up to that, though, I want to actually finish playing Persona 4 Golden which is the whole reason I bought a Vita anyways. I've begun to make a dent in it, but I still have a long ways to go, so that's probably what I'll be doing.

Jacob Hull, Reviewer

I'll be playing a sci-fi infused adventure game for review this weekend (it's a secret, but you may be able to guess), and probably a little bit more PES 2016 alongside the European Championships. We made it out of the groups, so let's see how far we can go. Come on Wales!

Joey Thurmond, Reviewer

After being enthralled by that incredible God of War showing at E3, I've decided to finally embark on my rage-fuelled quest to kill all the gods in the first God of War. It's the remastered one by Bluepoint Games, of course! Other than that, I'll be obsessing over Overwatch as usual, which is seriously becoming one of my top contenders for Game of the Year day by day.

Ken Talbot, Reviewer

I'm still messing around in XenoVerse and I'll probably finish DOOM, a game well suited to staggered sessions.

Sam Brooke, Reviewer

As the Euro 2016 knockouts start this weekend, I won't be doing much gaming, but considering I picked up Bully for PS2 on the cheap, I'll be venturing back to Bullworth. A bit of PES 2016 wouldn't go amiss either!

Victor Nowogurski, Moderator

So, it will be the usual: a bit of Call of Duty: Black Ops III and I think I will be checking out Table Top Racing. Other then that, have a great weekend all!!

That's us out of gas for the time being, then, and all that's left to ask is: what are you playing this weekend? Outline your itinerary in the comments section below.