Super Stardust VR PlayStation PS4 1

Housemarque's sublime Super Stardust HD was a flag bearer for 3D gaming on the PlayStation 3, so it stands to reason that it should get a PlayStation VR version, too. News has broken about this virtual reality edition via EB Games Australia's website – it'd be nice if Sony had said something about the release, wouldn't it?

"Pilot your star fighter and defend your planet once more, but this time jump into the cockpit and battle the alien invaders face-to-face," the blurb reads. "Get right down to the surface of the planet and the very centre of the action and fight using intuitive controls only possible with PlayStation VR: simply look to aim, then fire to destroy."

We're not sure how we feel about transforming the game into a cockpit first-person shooter, but it could be cool. And the blurb adds that the title's original modes will be included – enhanced for PlayStation VR. This one's carrying a $24.95AUD price point, which works out at around $18.45USD. Maybe a little bit steep, but it's not bad.

Also outed by EB Games Australia is Hustle Kings VR, the first-party pool sim which Sony loves porting to everything. This one will use both the DualShock 4 and PlayStation Move for controls, and will obviously enable you to line up your shots in virtual reality. It's up for pre-order at $24.95AUD as well, as is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

A couple of sneaky announcements there, then – at least it looks like there's going to be lots to play in virtual reality on launch day.