adventures of mana vita.jpg

No doubt a nice little surprise for some of you: Adventures of Mana has hit the PlayStation Store today on Vita in Europe with, as far as we know, zero warning from publisher Square Enix. The 3D remake of Game Boy classic Final Fantasy Adventure, it's a relatively simple action role-playing game that's cute and colourful.

This Vita version of the release is actually a port of the mobile edition which launched earlier this year in Japan. Square Enix had mentioned that it was looking into bringing the title to Sony's handheld at some point, but no official confirmation was ever given - until now.

The RPG's going for £11.49 here in the UK, and it weighs in at just over 500MB. As for a North American release, we're hoping that it'll be part of the incoming Store update.

Are you up for some surprise adventure? Grab your sword and begin your journey in the comments section below.

Update: Adventures of Mana also launches today in North America, Square Enix has confirmed.