Neo Tokyo

It seems that, to win the favour of gamers these days, ongoing support for your game is just as important as the game you launch. Psyonix knows this, and its post-release content drops and feature-adding patches have kept swathes of players happy since the seminal sports game launched last year. Rocket League's latest patch, version 1.19, is ready for download now, and it's full to bursting with improvements and new features.

There are two new arenas in which to partake in a friendly game of Soccar, namely Neo Tokyo and Pillars. The former is the main attraction – a pretty different map with a unique, neon-soaked aesthetic. The latter is a new addition to the experimental Rocket Labs playlist. A handful of new cosmetic items is also included, as well as some shiny new Trophies to collect.

You now have access to something called the Showroom, an area where you can preview DLC cars and items before purchasing. Here you'll be able to see four new battle cars currently exclusive to the retail version of Rocket League. They'll be made available to everyone next month.

There's a heck of a lot more to see on the game's patch notes, including end of match spotlights, new item rarities and attributes, customisable quick chat, and plenty more. It's once again a pleasingly generous update, and contains enough new sights and sounds to coax players back into the fray.

Not that this humble author needed any kind of encouragement to play more of this infectious and influential indie. Nice shot!

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