The environmental design in Rocket League has always been one of its understated assets, but it looks like its all-new Neo Tokyo arena will take things to the next level. Available for free from 20th June, this sweet looking stage is absolutely bursting with detail, and while there's nothing especially original about a neon-soaked cyberpunk backdrop – it still looks freakin' rad, doesn't it?

This level actually started life as one of the Rocket League Labs maps – it was Underpass – but it's been tuned up for final release. It'll be joined by a bunch of new rare items, a trading system, fresh quick-chat options, post-game celebrations, and eight new Trophies. Then, from 18th July, you'll be able to purchase two new cars: Masamune and Esper. They'll be joined by the previously revealed Marauder and After-Shock, all four of which will be included as part of the title's impending retail release.

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