PlayStation Vita Japan Sales Hardware 1

It may have struggled globally, but the PlayStation Vita is still pretty darn relevant in Japan, with the handheld passing the five million units milestone in the region today. The news comes courtesy of the latest Media Create report, which signalled that the portable sold 14,956 units during the period spanning 23rd May to 29th May. That was enough to put its lifetime tally above the aforementioned figure.

While the platform holder has been very coy about Vita sales numbers, estimates put its global install base at about 12 million. Even if that's not accurate, it's clear that a large proportion of the portable's sales have come from its native Japan. It's no surprise, then, that it continues to be well supported in its home nation, with new release Dragon Quest Heroes II shifting a reasonable 120k units on the device this week.

Exactly how much life the handheld's got left remains to be seen, with Western support really starting to tail off now. However, it is fast approaching its fifth anniversary, which is a great return on any format. And there are still plenty of awesome games to play on the portable if you're yet to hop on board.

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