The Division PS4 PlayStation 4 Movie 1

A big screen adaptation of forgotten Ubisoft loot shooter The Division is in the works, with the Prince of Persia himself Jake Gyllenhaal signed up to both play the lead character and produce the film. The good news is that it's still early days for the movie – it doesn't even have a writer yet. If there's any God, this will get s**tcanned before it's too late.

The idea of a movie based upon the French publisher's third-person gun-'em-up isn't all that surprising – especially when you consider just how well the game sold out of the gate. But, honestly, what would set this apart from the dozen or so better military movies already out there? And what's Ubisoft's obsession with turning all of its franchises into films?

We can't wait for the Just Dance movie, said no one ever.

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