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During its E3 2016 press conference, Bethesda confirmed the existence of Nuka World, Fallout 4's next big expansion. The add-on, which features a whole new area, new quests, and a Raider-based plot, is due to launch in August, following the release of two smaller downloadable content packs within the next couple of months.

However, after Bethesda head Todd Howard let slip that Nuka World may be the open world title's final expansion during the publisher's E3 livestream, many Fallout fans expressed disappointment. After all, the game has only had one major DLC up to this point, and let's not forget that the title's season pass got a price hike not too long ago.

Unhappy with Howard's indecisive comments on the matter, fans took to Twitter to ask PR boss Pete Hines if Nuka World is indeed Fallout 4's finale. Unfortunately, Hines didn't pull any punches, telling one user that it's the "last DLC". Seems pretty conclusive to us.

Now, while we're looking forward to Nuka World, we're a little disappointed to hear that it's likely to be the game's final add-on. Considering Fallout 3 had five reasonably large expansions and Fallout: New Vegas had four, Fallout 4's post-release offering seems comparatively lacking.

If Nuka World does turn out to be Fallout 4's last hurrah, would you be satisfied? Do you think that the increased price of the season pass has been justified? Escape the apocalypse in the comments section below.