fallout 4 contraptions dlc ps4.jpg

Fallout 4's Contraptions downloadable content pack is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, but Bethesda's confirmed that it'll be available to download at midnight, much like the add-ons that have come before it. To be a little more specific, it'll be up on the PlayStation Store at midnight across Europe no matter your timezone, while it'll go live at 00:00AM ET in North America.

So, what is the Contraptions DLC exactly? From what we've been shown so far, it appears to be another settlement crafting expansion, which will allow you to build a number of different bits and pieces, from conveyor belts to weapon and armour racks. No, it doesn't sound all that exciting, but if you're crazy for crafting, we've no doubt that you'll find something to like. And, naturally, the add-on comes at no extra cost if you're a season pass holder.

Will you be digging into this DLC tonight? Give us a lukewarm response in the comments section below.

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