mass effect andromeda gameplay combat.png

Mass Effect: Andromeda is catapulting BioWare's role-playing series into new territory with its vast, open world areas that are yours to explore as you hop from planet to planet - but this huge change in design has forced the studio to rethink a lot of the franchise's other core elements.

In particular, the Canadian developer has had little choice but to rework the combat system. In previous games, Shepard and the gang would utilise cover to edge their way through various linear combat scenarios, but with an open world to consider, things obviously aren't quite so straightforward.

"It's going to be more open world, more free form, [with] more choice - those are all things that have definitely factored into the way that we've developed our core gameplay like our third person shooting," creative director Mac Walters explains to GamesRadar. "So far I can honestly say the combat is far more fluid, far more organic than it's ever been before," he claims.

Sounds good to us, but how do you think Andromeda's firefights will operate? Describe what you're thinking in the comments section below.