gundam extreme vs force europe.jpg

Back in April, Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS-Force got a North American release date, and European fans have been waiting for their turn ever since. Fortunately, Bandai Namco's confirmed that the mech based brawler will be jetting to the Old World on the same day - the 12th July. However, it's worth reiterating that VS-Force will only be available via the PlayStation Network.

If you're eager to jump into the nearest cockpit and turn your enemies into scrap metal, you'd do well to watch the game's latest trailer, which we've embedded. It's short but reasonably sweet, showcasing various gameplay clips. And we must say, it looks pretty sharp, as far as Vita visuals go.

Will you be blasting through VS-Force this summer? Make your best beam rifle sound in the comments section below. Psheeew!