bioshock collection.jpg

BioShock: The Collection is happening - we've known that it's going to happen for months and months and months, yet 2K refuses to kick an official announcement out of the door and let us get on with dreary lives. This time, we go one step further into what is currently the worst kept secret in gaming, as thanks to Twitter user @lifelower's keen eye, the PlayStation 4 remastered collection has now been spotted on 2K's own website. The truth is out there!

Look, we're all for cool announcement trailers and, er, pre-order bonuses (okay, maybe not the latter), but please can we just have the bloody thing confirmed so that we don't have to pen any more of these relatively pointless articles? Writing about games is a tough life, folks.

Are you interested in a BioShock collection on Sony's latest console? Please don't ask us to kindly do anything in the comments section below.