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Oooh, now this looks quite promising, doesn't it? Recently, Koei Tecmo announced that it's got Dynasty Warrors developer Omega Force working on a Berserk musou title, but we're yet to see the game in action. While we imagine that a gameplay trailer can't be too far away, Famitsu's gone live with a full preview of the upcoming slash-'em-up, complete with screenshots.

Even though Berserk won't be slapped with an 18+ rating in Japan, as per Koei Tecmo's policy, that doesn't mean it'll avoid the bloody battles that the manga and anime property is known for, as evidenced by the pictures that we've embedded. As you can see, lead character Guts likes nothing better than to turn his enemies into a chunky red paste.

Does Berserk look good to you? Mow down your opponents in the comments section below.

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