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Love it or hate it, the time of hype and growing expectations is upon us. E3 2016 is just around the corner, and we can almost guarantee that if you're not in the mood for megatons just yet, then it won't be long until you are. Being top-tier hype merchants, we've cobbled together a list of ten games that we're super eager to see at this year's show – but we're staying within the realms of reason. Take a look, and please, by all means, soak up as much hype as you like.

Detroit Become Human PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2016

Detroit: Become Human

French smooth-talker David Cage may be about as divisive as chocolate mixed with cheese and onion crisps, but Quantic Dream's head-honcho knows how to hold an audience's attention. So, we want to know just how many buckets of salty tears Detroit: Become Human is going to make us shed – through #Emotion alone. No but seriously, all we really know about the Parisian outfit's new game is that it will continue cutesy cyborg Kara's story – but in which way is it going to take this intriguing interactive adventure?

Final Fantasy VII PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2016

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Cloud's CG back, adorned with his iconic Buster Sword, is an image that's still burned into our brains one year after the impossible happened at E3 2015. Unsurprisingly, we've heard little about Final Fantasy VII's remake since, so we'd love to see it show up at this year's event. We're not expecting a release date or anything like that – for fairly obvious reasons – but a lovely looking gameplay trailer would suit us just fine. Nothing gets the hype flowing quite like nostalgia, eh?

For Honor PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2016

For Honor

A title that we've been eager to see much more of, For Honor has real potential judging by what we've been shown so far. Ubisoft's sword swinging slice-'em-up will hopefully be on display in order to add something a little different to the French publisher's press conference, and, naturally, we wouldn't mind getting our hands on a release date. We reckon that the time's right for this armour plated project to burst into our castle and run us through with pure hype.

God of War PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2016

God of War IV

Who can honestly say they don't want an angry bald man in their life? God of War IV is almost guaranteed to appear at E3 2016 next week, but the big question surrounds its protagonist. Rumour has it that Kratos will once again occupy the lead role in what is rumoured to be a gory spin on Norse legend; we'd have preferred something a little different, but we suspect that this is going to look stupidly stunning all the same.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2016

Horizon: Zero Dawn

A tantalising blend of Dinobots and H.G. Wells, Horizon: Zero Dawn would have stolen the show at E3 2015 – if it hadn't been toppled by the aforementioned Final Fantasy VII Remake and, y'know, Shenmue III. But after a short delay, there's still plenty that we need to know about Guerrilla Games' next big bet – like how much of a role-playing game is it, and how badly will its voice acting whiff.

Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2016

Mass Effect: Andromeda

No more concept art and no more crappy social media teases – give us a proper look at Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare, or don't bother showing up. The highly anticipated sci-fi sequel has been kept under wraps for years now, and we need a real reason to get hyped for this intergalactic adventure; that means that we'll take nothing less than the best gameplay trailer that the Canadian studio has to offer – a blowout of epic proportions. We just have hope that EA will give it the time that it needs during its event.

Persona 5 PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2016

Persona 5

While we have our doubts that we'll see anything especially new of Persona 5 during E3 2016, there's absolutely no reason not to get hyped for its presence. Atlus' superb looking role-playing game is teetering on the edge of impressive popularity, and popping up at the West's biggest gaming expo will certainly help its cause. To be totally honest, though, we just want to see more of this shadow slaying stunner, new information or not - and if it shows up at Sony's presser? Even better.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2016

Red Dead Redemption 2

There's a song by the Village People called Go West – you may have heard it. Well, we want to Go Western, and we're hoping that we'll get a shot at E3 2016. Look, this is probably a bit of a long-shot, but we're really hopeful that Rockstar brings a trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 to next week's show. It doesn't have to be particularly substantial, but we need to see what the label's San Diego studio has been up to for half a decade or so. It's time.

The Last Guardian PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2016

The Last Guardian

It's coming out, it's coming out, it's coming – The Last Guardian's coming out. Maybe. Given that we've been waiting most of our adult lives for Team ICO's next title, you'll forgive us if we eye that tentative 2016 date with some trepidation. We'd love to see a firmer launch plan for this foray, but more than anything, we'd like Japan Studio to put out a brilliant trailer. It seems that everyone and their bird-dog's doubting this right now – like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus aren't two of the greatest games ever made. Put the cynics in their place, Ueda-san.

Watch Dogs 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 E3 2016

Watch Dogs 2

A few days ago, we could have safely said that we weren't all that excited for Watch Dogs 2, but after the game's recent unveiling, we have to admit that Ubisoft's got our attention. A sequel that looks to be expanding and improving upon just about everything that the original got right, it's a prime candidate to steal the spotlight at the French publisher's press conference. Whether we'll get to see much more of Marcus' escapades it's tough to say, but right now, consider us on the hackable hype train.

What do you make of our list? Did we miss anything obvious? What are you desperate to see at E3 2016? Get this party started in the comments section below.

Which PS4 game are you most hyped for at E3 2016? (180 votes)

  1. Detroit: Become Human2%
  2. Final Fantasy VII Remake12%
  3. For Honor2%
  4. God of War IV3%
  5. Horizon: Zero Dawn22%
  6. Mass Effect: Andromeda12%
  7. Persona 513%
  8. Red Dead Redemption 219%
  9. The Last Guardian4%
  10. Watch Dogs 23%
  11. Other8%

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[ Words: Robert Ramsey, Sammy Barker ]