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Wait, what? Last week, Bethesda stated that it had sent a Fallout 4: Far Harbor update to Sony for approval. It was apparently going to fix the add-on's serious frame rate issues, but the supposed patch still isn't available to download on PlayStation 4. Quite the mystery.

Except there may have never been a regular game update to begin with. Bethesda's just released a statement urging PS4 players to re-download Far Harbor from the PlayStation Store, meaning that, from what we can tell, the developer's had to re-release the content. It's starting to sound like the add-on's problems couldn't be fixed with a simple patch.

Obviously we don't know the technical ins and outs of the situation, but we do know that North American users can download the all new Far Harbor right now. European players, meanwhile, will have to wait a little longer, according to Bethesda.

Well, we guess that's that - here's hoping that the new version actually runs like you'd expect. Will you be diving back into Far Harbor? Hit the download button in the comments section below.

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