EA Games practically had nothing to show during its press conference last night, but it did manage to roll off a second or two of ex-Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig's upcoming Star Wars title. In development at Dead Space developer Visceral, this one's not due out until 2018, but as expected – it all looks Naughty Dog-esque already.

The teasing clip shows a coated character waltz out into the baking sun, as Tie-Fighters soar overhead. The hero clings onto the doorframe as he exits, just like a certain Senor Drake. It looks beautiful, unquestionably – but it doesn't really tell us anything about what the title actually is. Then again, we still have the same question about Mass Effect Andromeda – and that's apparently due out in a few months.

[source News: E3 2016: EA Offers Update on New Star Wars PS4 Titles]