Star Wars Battlefront PS4 PlayStation 4 1

A behind-the-scenes video was shown off by EA during its E3 2016 conference about its Star Wars games. The firm has a lot of developers working on games in the Star Wars Universe, including a few current games, like Star Wars Battlefront, so it only made sense that it'd provide an update.

A brief glimpse of Battlefront's upcoming Bespin expansion was shown off, as well as the simply stunning news that a new Battlefront is coming in 2017. Additionally, the long-gestating Visceral Games title was given a release year of 2018, alongside a glimpse at quite literally 3 seconds of gameplay.

By far the most interesting tidbit shown off has to be of someone wearing a Playstation VR headset while piloting an X-Wing. The brief footage shows off this person in the cockpit of the famous star fighter. This will be something to keep an eye on down the road once we know more about it for sure.

Additionally, some mo-cap footage of whatever Respawn's game is was shown as well. Respawn was showing off Titanfall 2 today, so we didn't exactly expect much, but it did show that the game will feature lightsabers in some capacity.

Other than that, EA spent some time dwelling on some of their other games that do not appear on Sony platforms, such as The Old Republic and Galaxy of Heroes.

Frankly there wasn't actually much of anything shown off. It was staged in such a way that it appeared EA was providing a wealth of information, but we really didn't walk away with anything particularly substantial. Other than the VR game, everything was pretty much either already known, or was so obvious that we don't need to be told, so it was a rather underwhelming affair.

You can check out the video for yourself below, and let us know if you were just as underwhelmed with Star Wars' showing at E3 this year.