NieR Automata PS4 PlayStation 4 1

We'll probably get nailed to a wooden cross for this, but the perspective at Push Square Towers is that Scalebound – despite being directed by the legendary Hideki Kamiya – looks like total dross. And yes, before you start bleating in the comments, we'd say the same if it was a PlayStation 4 game.

The good news is that Platinum Games tends to work in cycles of "sh*t" and "sh*t hot", and there's reason to believe that NieR Automata may fall into the latter category.

Well, maybe. Its E3 2016 trailer was really good, and this gameplay video from PlayStation Underground shows some real promising combat. Alright, the location looks pretty darn barren, but we're loving the frenetic swordplay. There's probably some ways to go before this 2017 title is ready for release, but it gets a thumbs up so far.