For Honor PS4 PlayStation 4 1

After a lot of dancing and prolonged talking on stage, we were relieved to see that Ubisoft unveiled what's been going on with For Honor. There were announcements of a campaign in the works and plans to display viking gameplay since we saw it last, but it's not until now do we finally witness both of these promises come to life in glorious battle.

The game's presentation highlights a mission somewhere in the middle of the campaign's story where a viking called the Raider, er, raids a Japanese fortress along with his brethren and sisters of war. They come from stormy seas in their ancient ships and clash with the armies of the samurai on land, and we get to see a fair amount of the "Art of Battle" system in play as the player's viking shifts his weapon's position around and employs various types of attacks with his giant axe.

There's also moments shown where you can utilize the environment to your advantage as well, such as by throwing an opponent into a wall of spikes or off a cliff. After scaling walls and continually pushing forward, we have one last encounter with a tough boss that reveals Revenge mode, which is when you gain increased defense and power, triggered by blocking or taking damage from enemies for a certain amount of time.

We were left substantially satisfied by For Honor's campaign debut and its Dynasty Warriors-like mission progression, but do you think this hodgepodge of history-spanning combatants going at it will be one for the books? Show us your camaraderie in the comments section battlefield by telling us your thoughts.