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You'd be forgiven for thinking DONTNOD skipped E3 2016 altogether, with the developer making very little noise about its new game Vampyr at this year's show. However, new footage has been popping up on YouTube, including the clip from IGN we've embedded below.

It comprises of pre-alpha gameplay, with Philippe Moreau and Greg Szucs of DONTNOD talking us through it. There's a lot of information in here; this vampire RPG is a step up in terms of scale from Life Is Strange, with "semi-open world" environments to explore in 1918 London. Your character, doctor-turned-vampire Jonathan Reid, is able to speak with citizens to learn a bit more about them, and you as the player can pick and choose who to sacrifice to feed your curse.

We see dialogue wheels, looting, and perhaps most interestingly, combat. This promises to be a more action packed game than its hella story-driven predecessor, with gory, slashy fighting reminiscent of Bloodborne (though presumably less difficult). You also have plenty of dark and deadly powers to utilise, and can suck the blood of enemies to stay alive.

At this early stage, we think Vampyr is looking decent. There's lots of potential for a compelling story here, and thankfully, it looks as though it'll offer plenty of options along the way. One to watch, without a doubt.